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We help startups turn breakthrough hardware tech into products that customers will pay for.

Product Development

Grand Summit Group helps your business reach the next level by taking you from concept to completion. Our experienced team guides you every step of the way, from the inception of technology to a fully designed product that meets both the needs of your customers and your business. We provide industry-leading services, helping to make your projects run more smoothly, faster and with fewer surprises.


At Grand Summit Group, we know that taking a product from concept to fruition can be a complex process. To ensure your product’s success, our team is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to make sure it is done right. We specialize in helping your team plan how your product will get made from the first prototype to mature, commercial manufacturing. Let us help you make the most of your product’s potential.


Grand Summit Group is the premier end-to-end product strategy and development firm in the industry. With a focus on product strategy and development, we assist companies to plan key product milestones that can be used to support successive fundraising rounds as well as growth planning. Grand Summit Group has the expertise to take your product from vision to reality.



about us

At Grand Summit Group, we specialize in guiding startup entrepreneurs, founders, and executives through the challenges of hardware-based product development. We provide the expertise and resources to help you create a successful product, from concept to completion. Our team of experienced professionals is here to help you navigate the complex process of launching a new product, ensuring that it meets a very complex web of needs. Whether you are looking to develop a new product or refine an existing one, we are here to make sure you succeed.

Grand Summit Group has over two decades of experience in helping businesses develop and execute their strategies. Our team of experienced professionals knows how to deliver a product that meets customer needs and supports the continued growth of your value. We have experience working with many industries including Cleantech, Climatetech, Aerospace, and Industrial products. We have also worked with both large Fortune 500 companies and small pre-revenue startup companies. Our team is committed to helping our customers achieve success.

Our greatest strength is our proficiency in collaboration and when we work with you, our goal is to be a part of your team! With best-in-industry virtual collaboration tools at our disposal, geographic separation is not a limitation for us.

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